Kobi Vogman, b. 1986, Riga, Latvia.

Based in Jerusalem, Israel


Kobi Vogman is a film and animation director, leading projects that mix techniques such as stop motion, 2D animation, video, and VFX;
He is directing commercials, promotional content, and campaign videos, As well as creating video art and installations for artistic projects.
He is particularly drawn to the materiality of the story: from contrasts found in color and scale to emotional attributes that a material can reflect on the viewer.

Kobi collaborated with clients such as The Israel Museum, Mixtiles, Tevaplanter, La'Flore Paris, Nimble, Paperwallet, and Shapiro Beer.

Kobi is a graduate and passionate lecturer at the Screen-Based Arts Department at Bezalel Academy for Arts & Design, Jerusalem.


2022, "The Builder", Official selection, Vienna shorts film festival
2022, "The Builder", Official selection, Brussels independent film festival
2022, "The Builder", Winner, Montreal independent film festival
2022, "The Builder", Honorable Mention, VAEFF New York
2000, Tevaplanter campaign video, Earned 6.4M USD
2000, Bebebark campaign video
, Earned 1.7M USD

2000, Bebebark campaign video, Earned 1.8M USD
2016, Hadrian - Earned "Pick of the month" on Vimeo
2015, "A way of Bein", Winner, Best Animation VGIK, Moscow

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