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Kobi Vogman, b. 1986, Riga, Latvia.

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Kobi is a highly regarded film and animation director known for his ability to blend technical proficiency and creative vision. With extensive experience in stop motion, 2D animation, video, and VFX, Kobi has delivered numerous successful commercials, promotional content, and campaign videos for a wide range of clients. He approaches each project with a dedication to quality, using his mastery of physical materials in storytelling to elevate and enrich his work. Whether working on a commercial project or a video art installation, Kobi's passion for storytelling shines through in all his creations.

Kobi collaborated with clients such as AI21Labs, Anyword, Mixtiles, Tevaplanter, La'Flore Paris, Nimble, The Israel Museum, etc.

As a lecturer at the Screen-Based Arts Department at Bezalel Academy for Arts & Design in Jerusalem, Kobi specializes in teaching the intricacies of stop-motion techniques and the art of using animation to tell authentic and impactful stories.


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